Market (22-07-13)














On July 22nd, we went to the mercado, where we were encouraged to try various fruits and food. Using the phrase, “posso provar esse,” and my pointer finger, here are some of the things i was able to try:


1. The above fruit is a granadilha. Classified as Passiflora ligularis, in the United States, we call it passionfruit.



2. Many Americans eat cashews on a regular basis, whether at a bar, at home, or in various recipes, however, most are unaware as to where the cashew comes from: the caju (or cashew) fruit, above. The name comes from the Tupi word, acaju, meaning a self-producing nut.



3. Pitaya, known to Americans as ‘dragonfruit,’ is actually a fruit derived from a cactus of the genus hylocereus, which in Greek, translates to horns of the sun.



4. Rambutao in Portuguese, or rambutan in english, comes from the Malayan word for hairy, refering to the hair-like wavy spikes that encase the fruit itself.



5. I have eaten many figs in my time but most have been green. The one pictured above is the figo roxo, or the red fig. It may be a different color, though the two color variations do not seem to differ much in taste.


6. The atemoya is actually a hybrid fruit, made by crossing the sugar apple and a cherimoya.



7. This is an inhame, native to Costa Rica. There is no name for it in english and I did not get to sample it as the guy shrugged of my attempt to try it. 



8. The sign was misleading, as it was probably misplaced, but the labelled product is most definately ginger, or gengibre, in Portuguese.



9.  So after walking around for a while, we got kind of hungry, and Gustavo’s recommendation was to get a mortadella sandwich, so we did. Mortadella is an Italian meat processed with various kinds of berries, and it is delicious.


10. But the mortadella wasn’t enough. I saw the slabs of meat hanging on hooks, and decided I had to get one. So I got 4kg, took it to the hostel, started up the grill and threw it right on. 



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