EnerSolar Conference (17-07-13)





On Wednesday, July 17th, we attended the EnerSolar conference in Sao Paulo, in which many solar energy companies showcased their respective technologies. There were many front solar powered air conditioning units to anti-theft devices specifically designed to protect solar panels and their parts. We were told to go around and talk to the different companies in making an effort to recognize 25 different solar technologies. One important thing we learned is marketing strategy: people were much more attracted to companies that provided their guests with an incentive for visiting, mostly consisting of food and drink. We decided that the high number of companies present at the conference meant a high success rate for solar power in Brazil. If such a conference was in an American cosmopolitan city, such as New York, I feel that it would attract a large amount of investors and help kick start solar technology in the United States. This would benefit society, the economy, and the environment, as investors would be able to fund small business men who would start companies that use solar power, which would eliminate the carbon footprint we are leaving behind, while allowing both parties to make money.


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