Inconvenient Truth

  1. What image started the modern day environmental movement?

The Earth Rise movement was the origin of the modern day environmental movement.

  1. What is considered the most vulnerable part of the earth system?

According to the video, the atmosphere is said to be the most indispensable part of the earth system.

  1. Relatively speaking, compared to the earth, how thick is the atmosphere?

In comparison to the actual earth, the atmosphere is but a layer thinner than a table cloth on a thick wooden table.

  1. How can trapping infrared radiation by the earth’s atmosphere be a GOOD thing?

Infrared radiation is a key factor in keeping thermal homeostasis on earth, which allows for biological stability amongst the organisms it bears.


  1. How can trapping infrared radiation by the earth’s atmosphere be a BAD thing?

Hyper-absorption would lead to an augmented level of infrared radiation, which would consequently result in a direct thermal incline in temperature, which would affect individual organisms that cannot cope with increased temperatures, which would eventually harm and alter entire ecosystems.


  1.  What percentage of people depend on glacial melt for their drinking water?

Approximately forty percent of the population depend on the glacial melt for drinking water.


  1. Why is studying ice cores important?

The study of ice cores is important because it can be used to identify the environmental effects on polar habitats.


  1. What is the relationship between carbon dioxide (CO2) and atmospheric temperature?

There’s a direct correlation between carbon dioxide and the atmospheric temperature,  so when one goes up, so does the other.


  1. Over what time period have the hottest 10 years on earth occurred?

Ten of the past fourteen years have been the hottest in modern recorded history.


  1. As the water temperature under a hurricane increases, what happens to the wind velocity of the


         The wind velocity increases proportionally with technology water temperature in a hurricane.

  1. What has happened to Lake Chad over the years?

It has dessicated from a large lake to practically a puddle in comparison to its original size.


  1. How much of the suns radiation gets reflected by ice?

Approximately 90 percent of the sun’s radiation gets reflected by ice.

  1. What redistributes energy from the equator to the north and south poles?

The redistribution of energy from the equator to the poles I generated by the Coriolis Effect.

  1.  If the ice sheets of Western Antarctica were to melt, approximately how much would sea level


               The sea level is projected to rise 20 feet globally if the western Antarctican ice sheets were to melt.

15.  List the three factors causing the collision between civilization and earth

1. Science/technology

2. Recognition of ecological destruction and the ‘go green ‘ movement

3. Rise in global population

16. Approximately, what percentages of global carbon dioxide emissions come from forest fires?

               An estimated 30 percent of carbon dioxide emissions come from forest fires.

17. What country is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere?

              The United States is the largest greenhouse gas donor in the world.

18. Which country has the lowest government standards for gas mileage of automobiles?

             The United States has the lowest standards.

19. Which two nations have not signed onto the Kyoto Protocol?

           The two countries that have yet to sign the Kyoto Protocol are the United States and Australia. 


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