About Me


       My name is Panagiotis Katsaros and I am a Biology major at Northeastern University. I am currently in Brazil, wanting to learn about various alternative energy sources that are either not available or not widespread in the states. I have been here for only three days, yet I have already come to realize that I have come to visit during a crucial time in modern Brazilian history. The people of Brazil may have been attempting to revolt for decades, but the political ability to silence the media has thwarted anything from developing into a full scale revolution. But now, political power and monetary compensation can no longer control the media because of one reason: social media. Brazilians may not have the living standards of the United States or other first world countries, but the people are adept enough with the electronics they have access to, to create a social media platform for themselves,from where they can act as unfiltered journalists for the rest of the domestic and international population to find out what is actually going on. In this manner, the Brazilian people may be able to pull through for once.


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